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Certified Custom Fits

Find Your Perfect Position

Here at The Bike Stop we aim to provide you with the best possible cycling experience. Nothing ensures a more enjoyable ride than a proper fit for your bicycle.

All of our fits are guaranteed and are performed by a certified fit specialist.

Road Fit - $200*

Our Road Fit option will determine the most comfortable and efficient position for your body on your bike. It is a 2 hour session that covers everything from riding experience and style to personal flexibility. We'll find your perfect fit so that you can enjoy more hours riding in comfort.

Triathlon/TT Fit - $250*

Are you a triathlete or time trialist looking to get the most out of your bike split, or next race? Then our Triathlon/TT Fit option is for you. This fit is more involved and will cover setting of seat height and position, aero bar extension and position fit, and proper cleat placement to get the most efficiency while being able to comfortably ride in an aerodynamic position. 

Contact Todd at The Bike Stop today to schedule an appointment. 219-872-9228

*Prices listed above are for fit services ONLY and do not include parts that may need to be changed on the bike.